The Lift Truck Safety System was invented by Walter D. Hall, a former Marine. Some years ago, Mr. Hall awoke in the middle of the night with a distinct message: retractable forks on a forklift.

He wrestled with the idea for a while and realized it had the potential to save money and, more importantly, save lives. He did some research and discovered the need was greater than he had originally thought: every three days, someone is killed as a result of a forklift, and that’s just in the United States alone. The time to act had come.

Mr. Hall created three different concepts (Click to view the video) to carry out his mission of preventing forklift-related injuries and deaths. His is a product unlike any other and cannot be found anywhere else. (The system has been granted U.S. patent number 7,865,286.) Mr. Hall’s goal is to make this life-saving system available to all.