Fully retractable forks

This concise design features a hydraulic system that extends and fully retracts the arms of the forklift into steel containers in the carriage of the forklift. With a rapid, smooth motion, the forks disappear completely when no weight is detected, for the safest possible operation — and the most compact storage when not in use. An electronic lock mechanism keeps the arms in place to support a load during transport. This streamlined approach makes the forklift easier to maneuver in any location.

Folding upper forks

This system is equipped with load sensors for ultimate ease of use. When no weight is detected, hinged forks utilize hydraulic power to rotate the forks up 90 degrees before the forklift can be put in gear. This added safety feature eliminates the possibility of any accidental movement with the forks extended.

Folding lower forks

On this model, the forks have a steel plate the width of the mast with a hydraulic arm that allows you to widen the forks to accommodate a bigger load. Once the forklift has delivered its load, a hydraulic arm pushes the forks up 90 degrees to lay completely flush against the mast of the machine. The forks can be lowered quickly and easily again at the touch of a button. A manual override system enables the operator to utilize the system at will.